We've put together short videos to bring you up to speed with Telleroo. Click on the links below to watch:

Basics of Telleroo (2 mins)

Find out the basics of Telleroo. We recommend everyone watch this if they have never used Telleroo before.

Pay run status (2 mins)

When a pay run is created, learn what the statuses mean.

Funding Telleroo (1 min)

Once you've created your pay run, you now need to add funds to your Telleroo account.

Xero bank feed and 1 click reconciliation (3 mins)

Create a Telleroo bank account in Xero, allowing you to reconciliation as soon as payments are paid. For Xero bills eliminate the need to reconcile one by one.

Xero Bill payment sync (3 mins)

You can automatically sync bills directly from Xero, meaning no file imports and Xero always stays up to date with any changes made in Telleroo. Setup instructions here.

Xero Payroll payment sync (3 mins)

You can sync payroll directly from Xero at the click of a button, meaning no more file imports.

Importing a file (2 mins)

Some accounting providers aren't connected directly with Telleroo or you may want to import your own custom CSV.

Review a pay run before clients approval (2 mins)

Add reviewers to your clients, If you want to review payments created by another teammate or accounting software.

Batch send remittance advice (1 min)

Using Xero's batches means that you can send remittance advice in batches, rather than bill by bill.

Accountancy users and roles (2 min)

You can safely delegate who can access your clients profiles and delegate permissions to your teammates.

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