What is Telleroo?

How Telleroo works, what it can do for your business.

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Telleroo is your hub for faster payments. Easily manage bulk supplier and payroll payments, whilst staying informed about high-risk changes and failed transactions. Eliminate manual work by syncing directly to apps including Xero.

Who uses Telleroo?

Telleroo is used by both accountants and in-house finance teams. If you make payments, you can use Telleroo to:

  • Automate supplier and payroll payments.

  • Add approval workflows.

  • Use one-click reconciliation.

  • Prevent fraud and mistakes.

Why Telleroo?

Single Log in Efficiency

Telleroo offers a single login to manage multiple entities, providing a centralised platform for accountants and bookkeepers to create, review, and approve payments effortlessly.

Accountant and bookkeeper view:

Accountancy client / direct business view:

Dedicated E-Money Accounts

Each entity maintains its own e-money account, ensuring transparency and simplifying financial management.

Seamless Onboarding

Telleroo streamlines the onboarding process by storing essential information about common shareholders and directors, expediting the setup of your entities.

Unified Collaboration Hub

Eliminate the need to switch between banking systems. Telleroo facilitates seamless collaboration for payroll, expense and supplier payments.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention

Telleroo Trust Check โœ… flags for any changes to payee names, bank details, or the creation of new payees, and also checks if the payee name matches the recipient account. This allows you to verify and rectify potential errors before they become costly mistakes.

Built-in Approvals Workflow

Replace the cumbersome practice of using spreadsheets and email for payment approvals. Telleroo enables you to assign multiple users with varying roles to fit your internal approvals process, bringing you greater control and efficiency.

Simplified Editing Capabilities

Amend payments, adjust amounts, and reschedule dates with ease using Telleroo. All alterations seamlessly sync with Xero, and users receive prompt notifications. Critical information such as bank details remain secure, preventing unauthorised changes.

Hassle-free International payments

As well as enabling fast and secure GBP payments, with Telleroo you can pay suppliers or employees in EUR or USD individually or in bulk. Payments are converted and sent at the mid-market rate.

Five-star Xero Integration

Telleroo's two-way sync with Xero Bills and Xero Payroll allows you to easily process payments in the 'Awaiting Payment' section in Xero. De-risk payments to new suppliers by scanning the sort code and account number from Xero invoices and reconcile a whole pay run in just one click!

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