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Telleroo Trust Check ✅
Telleroo Trust Check ✅

The Telleroo Trust Check flags new and updated bank details and confirms payee name matches account name, helping to reduce payment errors.

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We want to ensure you have full confidence when making payments via Telleroo, this is why we have implemented Telleroo Trust Check.

This is a combination of:

  • Flags for New and Updated Recipients

  • Confirmation of Payee (ensuring payee name matches account name)

New and Updated Bank Details Flags

Every time you create a pay run, Telleroo checks the recipients to see if they are new payees who have never been paid before or existing payees that have been paid but their names and/or bank details have been updated since you paid them last.

If you click the updated flag it will tell you what has changed since the last time the recipient was paid.

Confirmation of Payee (Account Name Validation)

Our account name validation service checks with all recipient's banks to confirm if the name listed in your pay run is a Full Match, Partial Match or No Match to the payee bank account.

This is for informational purposes only and you can still continue with a recipient with No Match or Partial Match but we would advise performing extra checks on the recipient's details to ensure everything is correct.

The Confirmation of Payee check validates the name within Telleroo which is taken from the contact name within Xero, file upload or source of the data.

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