Joining Telleroo
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Once you sign up or accept an invite to join Telleroo, you start our onboarding process where we have to identify certain information about your business such as Industry, Company ownership, Revenue and Number of Employees

Once you submit all of your business information required by Telleroo, verification of your account will generally be completed within 1-2 working days. During this time, our onboarding team might reach out for more information or supporting documents.

After your account is approved, you’ll be ready to go.

Unfortunately, there may be some instances where we are unable to successfully process a request for a Telleroo account.

We may not be able to proceed with an application due to the geographic location of business registration, nature of business or when have not been able to verify identify of the individuals involved in the financial decisions

Please note, due to regulations, we are often unable to share specific details about our onboarding decisions.

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