How to create an FX payrun in Telleroo
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With our foreign currency release, you can set up a payment and pay a recipient in a currency other than GBP.

If you have the Creator permission, you can set up a payment by selecting + New Pay Run on the top right corner of Telleroo and selecting the payment reason from the drop-down.

Create a single payment

Using our New Single Payment option, you can enter the payee details.

Once submitted, FX payments mostly follow the same process as our GBP payments. The only difference is that you can't schedule them for a future date, all FX payments will be sent immediately upon approval.

Batch Payrun

You can now create a batch pay run within Telleroo to pay your Euro suppliers, using either of our CSV or TXT files below.

After you've set up the payment, an approver of the account can then convert and send the foreign currency payment, find out more here.

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