How to convert & Send an FX Payment
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Once an FX pay run has been created the next step is to convert and send the payments. There are a few key differences to keep in mind when sending FX payments compared to GBP payments.

FX Conversation Rate - This is the rate we are able to offer to convert money from your Telleroo GBP e-money account into your desired destination currency. This is valid for at least 20 minutes from when you start creating a pay run and will change over time depending on market movements.

Estimated Arrival Date - This is the expected date for the recipient to receive funds into their account. This may be delayed for a number of reasons.

GBP Cost to Send - The total amount to be debited from your Telleroo GBP e-money account for the payment to be made.

Includes Telleroo Fee of - For full transparency, we display this amount in the GBP Cost to Send to include the conversion costs from Telleroo and our FX partners.

Current Telleroo Balance - The current balance of your Telleroo GBP e-money account that the GBP Cost to Send will be deducted from to make the payment.

Convert & Send - When happy, an approver can click Convert & Send and the conversion and payment will be initiated.

Batch FX Payruns

If you have created a batch FX pay run, you can approve the entire batch in one go or on a payment-by-payment basis like with our GBP pay runs.

If you approve payments at different times within the payrun, the rate you see at the top will be the live rate until all payments are sent (or cancelled) at which point you will see a blended average across all of the payments in the payrun.

As always you can see the exacts of every payment via the transaction receipt in the transactions section.

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