Xero bill payments sync

Forget out file imports. Sync bills from Xero directly

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Our Xero bill payment integration, allows you to create a pay run directly from Xero without having to download payment files. Any changed that then happen to the bills in Telleroo are reflected in Xero.

Set up your Xero contacts

Any suppliers you want to pay using the bill payments sync need to have their bank details added to Xero. Below is how to add these:

  1. Contacts > All Contacts > Select a contact > Edit.

  2. Find the batch payments section

  3. Add the sort code, then account number. This can be formatted with or without spaces and hyphens.

( Top tip: If a supplier always requires a fixed reference, you can enter this into the details input below. This will always be used as the reference whenever a bill is created in Telleroo )

Turn on Xero payments

You first need to connect your Xero bank feed, then you can turn on Xero payments by going to the accounts section and clicking Turn on and following the steps.

Creating a pay run from Xero Bills

Once Xero payments is activated, any batch that is submitted into the Xero Telleroo bank account will be created in your Telleroo account under awaiting your approval.

( You will always be required to approve pay runs that are created from Xero.)

1. In Xero go to Bills to Pay and and click Make Payment:

2. select the bills you would like to pay through Telleroo

3. Click Make Payment button

4. Select the Telleroo account from the Pay from drop down.

5. Payment method choose Mark as paid

6. Select the payment date.

( If you choose today, payments will be sen immediately once approved. If a future date is selected the payments will be scheduled for 9am )

7. Once you've reviewed the information you've entered click Create Payment and a pay run will be created in Telleroo under awaiting approval with all company approvers notified.

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