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How to roll Telleroo out internally
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Introducing a new service line or enhancing an existing process can be a significant step forward for your team. However, it's crucial to handle it with care and transparency to ensure a smooth transition.

Here are some key tips for rolling out Telleroo internally:

1. Update Process Diagrams/Flows

Before diving into the implementation of Telleroo, ensure that any current process diagrams or flows are up to date. This step is crucial in providing a clear visual representation of how the new system will integrate with your existing workflow.

2. Team Communication is Key

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of a successful rollout. Before introducing the new Telleroo process to clients, make sure to update your team. This preemptive measure prevents any blindsiding when clients come forward with questions or concerns. It also instills confidence in your team, making them better equipped to address client inquiries.

3. Share Introduction Resources

Equip your team with the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate the Telleroo integration smoothly. Provide them with these introductory videos that offer an overview of the system's features and benefits and the Getting Started Guide. Additionally, share a direct link to the help centre, where they can find detailed guides and resources to refer back to as needed.

4. Arrange a Demo if Necessary

Sometimes, a hands-on demonstration can be incredibly beneficial. If your team requires a more immersive experience with Telleroo, consider setting up a demo. This allows them to interact with the system in a controlled environment, boosting their confidence and proficiency.

Remember, a successful Telleroo rollout starts with thorough preparation and open communication. By following these steps, you're setting your team up for success, ensuring they're well-equipped to provide the best service to your clients.

For any further questions or clarifications, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you every step of the way!

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