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How to invite a client to Telleroo

Step by step guide on inviting your clients to Telleroo

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We have tried to make the onboarding process as simple as possible for you and the information we request is likely information you already have to hand.

As an accountant, you can manage all your clients from a single login and invite new clients to join Telleroo.

Invite your client to Telleroo

You can start the invite process either via the Invite Client button on the home page or from within the Your Clients section of the top navigation bar.

Start Onboarding

In this section, we will need very high-level information about the company:

  • Company Name

  • Company Website

  • Company House Number (or charity commission number)

  • Date of Incorporation

  • Registered Address

  • Yearly Turnover (last financial year or year to date for newly incorporated companies)

  • Number of Employees

Along with what they want to use Telleroo for; their supplier and payroll payments or if they have a more unusual business use case.

Monthly Payment Amounts

In this section we ask for projected monthly payment amounts for:

  • Payroll

  • Bill/Supplier Payments

  • Expense Payments

  • Other Payments

This produces an estimated monthly total which we use to set a limit on your account. Don't worry though, this can be changed in the future as your business grows. Get in touch with our support team if you require your monthly limit to be increased.

Your Access

Within Telleroo there are 2 types of permissions available as an accountancy for your clients.

Submission Only

This allows you to submit pay runs for client approval but importantly, you will not be able to approve pay runs on their behalf. This will have to be done by one of the client approvers.

Management Access

This allows you to create the client's pay runs as with Submission Only but also gives you the ability to approve pay runs for your client giving you full control of the process. This will stop your client from getting the 'approve pay run' emails and you will receive them on their behalf. This is designed for a fully hands-off client where you manage it on their behalf.

We can only change to give you management access in the future by a signed letter from the director of the firm confirming they wish for the change to occur.

Admin User Details

Now you need to add the main admin users, this will be the first client user and needs to be a director of the company (or trustee of the charity) on companies house.

  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Residential Address

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

They will be responsible for adding other users in the future and confirming the invite to Telleroo which is generated once you complete the onboarding.

Shareholder Information

We now need the details of any individual or legal entity owning more than 25% of the business.

For individuals we require:

  • Full Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Country of Residence

  • Residential Address

For corporate entities that own over 25% we just require their legal company name.

What happens next?

The client admin will get an email asking them to confirm the Telleroo account and start our onboarding process where we conduct our KYB/KYC checks.

If we need any information we will reach out to you as the inviting accountant as the first point of call.

If a client hasn't accepted the invite to Telleroo and you want the invite to be resent, speak to our onboarding team via live chat and we can resend it for you.


If a client already uses Telleroo and wishes to move under your accountancy portal, reach out at and we can discuss the process with you.

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