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Adding your accounting/bookkeeping team and assigning roles
Adding your accounting/bookkeeping team and assigning roles

Telleroo allows you to manage your team's access to client companies in seconds. Forget bank mandates.

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When adding your team to Telleroo you can assign roles based on the actions you want them to be able to perform. Below is a brief description of what these roles are:

  • Viewer - Allows the user to view pay runs and payments but bank details are censored. If combined with another role bank details are uncensored.

  • Creator - Allows the user to create pay runs for approval and setup connections to other apps such as the Xero bank feed.

  • Reviewer - Allows the user to review payments internally before they're sent for client review.

  • Approver - Allows the user to approve pay runs that are awaiting approval. If combined with creator the user will be able to create pay runs that don't require approval.

  • Admin - Allows the user to add/edit users to Telleroo. This includes the ability to amend their own roles. We recommend keeping admins users as few as possible due to the extend of their controls.

  • Bank Details Manager - This permission will allow the user to scan bank details directly from the invoice when creating pay run via Xero bills.

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