Create a custom pay run file

How to create a custom pay run that’s ready to import into Telleroo.

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If you’re using payroll or other apps that are not one of our featured integrations, you can create and import your own custom pay run file.

This article is going to walk you through how to create a custom CSV file compatible with Telleroo. You can find a follow-on guide about how to import a file here.

The CSV file requires the following headers, in any order:

amount_pounds - amount is in pounds, so 1.20 is £1.20

​recipient_name - For individuals you will need their full name (First & Last)

account_no - The payee's bank account number

​sort_code - The payee’s sort code

​reference - The reference you want to show on the payee’s bank statement

Please note: Leading 0's will be removed in Excel unless you format the columns as text.

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