What is Xero payments?

Our Xero bill payment integration, allows you to create a pay run directly from Xero.

When active, any batch payment created in the Xero Telleroo bank account will automatically be created in your selected Telleroo account under awaiting approval.

How to turn on Xero payments?

Before you begin:

  1. You first need to add bank details to the contacts you want to pay in Xero. Find how to here.
  2. Connect bank feed and turn on Xero Payments:

Accountancy Portal

Go to the integrations tab at the top of your portal or visit here and connect your bank feed then turn on Xero payments for the client.

Business Portal

Go to the accounts tab at the top of your portal or visit here and connect your bank feed then turn on Xero payments.

Creating a pay run from Xero Bills

Now we listen for any batch payments created in your Xero Telleroo account. These are the 3 steps to create your first pay run from Xero.

1. In Xero go to Bills to Pay and select the bills you would like to pay through Telleroo and click Make Payment:

2. Select the Telleroo account you want the payments to be paid from.

3. Payment method choose Mark as paid

4. Select the payment date you would like the pay run to be released from Telleroo. Dates in the future will scheduled the payments for 10am.

5. Once you've reviewed the information you've entered click Create Payment.

WARNING: If you edit a batch in Xero, we will create a new one in Telleroo. We recommend never editing a batch in Xero.


If payees details are invalid when the pay run is created in Telleroo what should I do?

If a payees details are invalid upon auto sync from Xero, we automatically remove the payment related to that payee from your Xero batch and email you.

What if I cancel a payment synced from Xero in Telleroo?

We will automatically remove the canceled payment from the Xero batch.

What If I cancel the whole pay run in Telleroo?

We will automatically delete the whole batch in Xero, so you can restart.

Can my Xero batch payments be send as a single line per pay run or a single line per payment to my Bankfeed?

When you setup Xero payments, you can decide how you want us to send payments to your bank feed.

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