How to connect Telleroo and Freshpay for payroll payments

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With FreshPay, you can automatically send your payroll pay runs to Telleroo. To get started with FreshPay, you can watch our video guide here or read the instructions below.

How to connect:

In FreshPay select Profile form top right hand corner section:

In your Integrations tab click Connect button for Telleroo account:

Once logged in to Telleroo, you will be taken back to FreshPay. Here you will see that the Telleroo integration is now active.​

Send your payroll to Telleroo:

When your payrun is finalised, you will see an additional button Send to Telleroo:

After clicking Send to Telleroo button, a separate screen will appear with all employee names, bank account details and payments due:

Select each field details:

  • Customer - which Employer this relates to;

  • Account - choose the relevant Telleroo account;

  • Payment date is the date when you want the payment to be made;

  • Payment Reference is the reference to appear on the employee’s bank statement;

  • Payrun name is how you want the payrun to appear in Telleroo.

Once all the above are completed, scroll to the bottom and you will see a summary of the number of employees and the total to be sent to Telleroo:

A success message will appear in Freshpay when successfully sent.

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