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Connect Telleroo to Xero

Create the Xero bank feed and choosing how we post to it!

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As Telleroo is a separate account to your normal bank account we recommending connecting to Xero.

Connecting Telleroo to Xero

  1. Once you're Telleroo account is live, in the accounts panel click Connect to Xero. This will setup a Telleroo bank account in Xero, that we update instantly when payments arrive or are sent meaning you can reconcile instantly.

  2. Log in to your Xero account

  3. Give Telleroo access to your Xero organisation

  4. Select the Xero organisation you want to connect.

    ( If you haven't previously connected Telleroo you will need to select Create new.... which will setup a Telleroo bank account in Xero )

  5. Now you will be asked to choose settings for your bank feed. Please see reconciliation below.

Bank feed settings and how we post payments to Xero

When a pay run is paid, we can send the pay run as:

1 line per pay run - meaning you can reconcile a batch of 100 payments in 1 click instead of payment by payment. (recommended)

1 line per payment - meaning you would have to reconcile each individual payment.

Top accounting firms use single line, so you can be confident there is no difference with this and reconciling line by line other than time saving.

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