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How to connect Telleroo and citrus HR for payroll payments

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Thanks to our integration with citrus HR, you can quickly and easily send payroll pay runs to 'Awaiting approval' in Telleroo.

How to connect citrus HR and Telleroo

  1. In citrus HR, click on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner

  2. Click 'Import & Export' and scroll down to 'Connect to Bulk Payments Provider'

  3. Click the button that says 'Connect to Telleroo' and on the next screen confirm this by clicking 'Connect' again

  4. You'll then be directed to Telleroo where you'll click 'Allow Access'

  5. Next, log back into citrus HR

  6. You can then choose which company you want to set up payments for in the drop-down

  7. You'll then be asked to enter the pay schedule and period, once you've done that click 'Pay now'

  8. Important: ensure all employees have bank details stored in citrus HR, you'll see a list of employee bank details statuses on the Employee Payment Summary page

  9. Payments are then sent to Awaiting approval' in Telleroo, the approver on the account will get an email inviting them to confirm that these payments can be sent

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