What will my clients see in Telleroo?

Here's how Telleroo will look for your clients and an overview of the email communications they will receive.

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What does Telleroo look like for my clients?

When your clients first land in Telleroo they’ll see their homepage which includes information on pay runs and their account balance.

What emails will my clients receive?

When you initially add your client to Telleroo they’ll receive an email inviting them to confirm their account. They’ll be asked to upload a copy of their passport or driving license as part of their account set-up. We aim to get client accounts live within 1-2 working days.

Clients will receive a digital copy of the Client’s Guide to Getting Started with Telleroo (you can see that here).

Once your client is fully onboarded, they will receive notifications to fund and approve (if they have approval permissions) the pay runs set up by you and your team. Your clients can find all this information in their dashboard too.

Here’s an example of an email prompting clients to approve a pay run:

And here’s an example of an email prompting clients to fund their Telleroo account:

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