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Sending money overseas with Telleroo
Sending money overseas with Telleroo

FX and International Payments

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You can now process payments from your Telleroo account to be paid in a currency other than GBP. All of our payments are sent via local methods, meaning they will be processed in the countries equivalent of the Faster Payment Scheme where available.

Currently, you can see which currencies we support below, if you have any questions please email us at

The sender for FX Payments will show to the recipient as Telleroo Limited instead of your name.


EUR - Euro Telleroo can send Euros to SEPA-compliant bank accounts within the SEPA network.

USD - US Dollar Telleroo can send US Dollars to any bank account in the US that accepts ACH payments.

Other Local Payment Routes [BETA]

AUD - Australian dollar
CAD - Canadian dollar
SGD - Singapore dollar
CHF - Swiss Franc

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