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In our Xero Bills feature, you now have the ability to scan bank details from invoices stored in Xero when the bank details are not stored in Xero too.

Bank Details Manager Role

Firstly, you need to have the Bank Details Manager permission turned on for yourself, the admins for your account can do this in either the Your Teammates section (accountants) or Settings and Users (business users).

Telleroo can't alter your permissions for you and you should ensure you only give this permission to people you are happy inputting bank details into Xero.

Creating a Pay Run

In Xero Bills you can see any invoice with a bill attached with our file icon against each invoice.

For any supplier without bank details, you will see 1 of 2 messages, either:

No Bank Details or Invoices in Xero

We have nothing to scan and there are no bank details in Xero, either upload an invoice to Xero for this payment or add the bank details manually into the Xero contact field.

Scan Invoice for Bank Details

Click the text and a pop-up will appear where you can scan bank details.

Scanning Bank Details

Our bank scanner will open up and you need to press Scan invoice for bank details for our scanner to attempt to scan the bank details.
This isn't 100% and sometimes it can't pick up all the bank details or it misreads some digits. You should conduct a manual review of the invoice and the scanned bank details before clicking Update contact details in Xero.

Telleroo bears no responsibility for the bank details populated, please ensure you have checked that the sort code and account number match those on the invoice.

We will pass the bank details back to Xero so you don't need to scan the supplier's invoice again for this these details.

If you attempt to scan bank details without the Bank Details Manager permission, you will get an error message saying you don't have the authority to scan the bank details and to contact an admin of your account.

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