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2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Keeping your account secure.

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Our priority at Telleroo is to keep your account safe, this is why all of our accounts are set up with 2 Factor Authentication so even in the worst case if someone guesses your password they can't access your account.

At Telleroo we utilise Google Authenticator which you can download from the App and Google Play store.

This produces a 6 digit code that changes every 10 seconds. This changing code will be the one you need to enter every time you log into Telleroo.

How to set it up?

When you first login, you will be greeted with the below message.

For the first time, it will present a QR code like the below, press the + in the bottom right hand corner and scan QR the QR code. Simply take a photo of this with the app on your phone and your 2FA will be setup.

File:Totally not a Rickroll QR code.png - Wikipedia

You then add the code from your phone and your 2FA is fully configured.

Whenever you login to Telleroo, simply have your phone handy.

I need to reset my 2FA

If you have changed your phone and need to reset your 2FA, simply email us your request to

Once our compliance team have reviewed this, they will let you know once your 2-factor authenticator has been reset.

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