Telleroo's primary goal is to simplify client payments. After one demo, your team are ready to start inviting.

Manage client payments from one place.

No logging in and out of multiple systems or using different screens, from 1 to 100, you can manage all of your customers from one login.

Sync payments from your accounting software.

You can sync your payroll payments and supplier payments from Xero, Keypay, Staffology and more or upload a payment file.

Invoices to the same supplier merged into one payment.

You now send one payment per supplier instead of per invoice.

Take control of client payments.

Suggesting then making payments on behalf of clients, means no more fixing their mistakes.

Catch errors before the client.

Stop fraud and invalid bank details before it reaches your client.

New and updated bank details flagged.

You are alerted if bank details are updated or a new employee/supplier is added.

Saving you time.

Your team can set up payments for your review before the client even sees the pay run.

Reconcile payroll and supplier payments in one click.

You can reconcile a whole pay run in one click. For payroll this means the individual employee salaries are hidden.

We’ll chase clients for you.

Your clients are notified when they need to approve a pay run, plus reminders are sent to approve or fund.

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