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How to close your Telleroo account

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Please follow the 3 steps below in order to close your Telleroo account

  1. Transfer remaining balance

In order to close your account, check if you have a balance.

If you have a balance kindly download a custom CSV file, you can find this in the app by clicking "New Payrun" > Download CSV template

Or you can go into our help section and download the CSV template:

( Leading 0's will be removed in excel unless you format the columns as text )

The CSV file requires the following headers, in any order:

amount_pounds - amount is in pounds, so 1.20 is £1.20

recipient_name - For individuals you will need the full first and second name

account_no - The recipients bank account number

sort_code - The recipients sort code

reference - The reference you want to show on the recipient bank statement

After the CSV file is ready you can then import this to Telleroo and withdraw the funds/balance:

2. Disconnect any Xero connections

After the funds were successfully withdrawn, disconnect the Xero bank feed

3. Fill in form to close account

Please fill in this Closing form and we will start the process of closing your account and let you know when this is complete. This usually take 3-5 working days

We recommend you download any and all data you require from our transaction section beforehand as you will cease to be able to access the account when closed.

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