Setup Telleroo with Quickbooks Bills

Setting up quickbooks for bill payments

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BETA FEATURE: This feature is currently in beta meaning there still may be some improvements we need to make on this. Do double check all details and If you notice anything odd to let us know :)

You can now export bills payments from quickbooks to import into Telleroo. Below are the steps to getting set up.

Add the bank details to Quickbooks

For each supplier you want to pay you need to add the bank details. As quickbooks doesn't have an official location to store these you will need to add them into the phone number field.

To do this go to Expenses > New supplier / Click existing supplier name > Add bank details to Phone

These need to be in the format sort code then account number with no spaces eg 12345612345678

Export unpaid bills report

Go to Reports > Find Unpaid Bills report > Export to Excel

Make sure the columns in the report are the following otherwise the import into Telleroo won't work. The columns should be Date, Transaction Type, No., Due Date, Past Due, Amount, Open balance

Import into Telleroo

Once you've exported the file you now just need to import into Telleroo. You can find out how to do this watching the video below.

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