Pay Quickbooks Bills with Telleroo

How to take direct exports from Quickbooks and import into Telleroo.

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Quickbooks users benefit from easy import with Telleroo, saving time and avoiding manual custom CSV files. Here’s the process:

Add payee bank details to Quickbooks

For each payee, you need to add their bank details into Quickbooks. As Quickbooks does not have an official location to store these, you need to add them into the phone number field.

To do this go to Expenses > New supplier / Click existing supplier name > Add bank details to Phone.

Start with the payee’s sort code, followed by the account number. Leave no spaces between the two e.g. 12345612345678

Export unpaid bills report

Go to Reports > Find Unpaid Bills report > Export to Excel

For a successful import into Telleroo, ensure that the columns are in this order (left to right); Date, Transaction Type, No., Due Date, Past Due, Amount, Open balance.

Below is a correct example:

Import into Telleroo

Now it’s time to import into Telleroo. You can find out how to do this by watching the video below. A full article can be found here.

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