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My Xero bank feed has disconnected
My Xero bank feed has disconnected

Why and what to do when your Xero bank feed disconnects

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Sometimes your Xero bank feed may disconnect and will need someone with Xero access to reconnect it.

What does this mean?

We can't update your Xero bank feed with new transactions until it's been reconnected. The good news is, once it's been reconnected, we will automatically sync all missing transactions that have happened.

Why does this happen?

It normally means one of the following has happened:

  • The Xero user who set up the bank feed connection has been removed from Xero

  • Telleroo has been removed as a connected app from your Xero by someone

  • Xero is having issues (you can check here)

How to fix this?

Luckily this is pretty simple. In the Telleroo Accounts panel, you or a user with Xero access needs to click Reconnect next to the Xero bank feed option.


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