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Below is how you setup your Brightpay to create payment files accepted by Telleroo.

  1. First create a Telleroo bank account in Brightpay and select BACS

2. Now navigate to a employee by going to Employees > Select Employee from listing

3. For each employee go to Payment > select Credit Transfer from drop down > Enter in the employees bank details

4. After finalising your payroll period in Payroll, simply select Pay > Pay Employees'on the menu toolbar.

5. Select the Credit Transfers tab heading and select employees you want to pay

6. Click Bank File Icon on the right side

7. Now select the Telleroo account you created. Add the date you want the payroll to be paid. You can leave Service user number, Submission serial number and File number blank

7. Now save the file and it's ready to upload into Telleroo.

Here is a short video on how to import files into Telleroo.

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