When setting up your Xero bank feed you have the following two options sending payments to your Xero bank feed:

  1. Single line - Send pay run as a single line to bank feed
  2. Muti line - Send pay run as multiple lines, one line per payment

How to reconcile single line

If you choose single line, you will be able to match the batch payment line in Xero to the batch payment statement line we send.

How to reconcile multiple lines

When using batch payments on Xero to pay suppliers reconciliation through our bank feed can become difficult, because Xero is only creating one batch payment line that doesn't match up with individual bank statement lines. Here's a quick way how to best deal with this.

Step 1: Add "Planned Date" to bills you want paying

This step isn't mandatory, but it helps you once payments are made to identify which bills have been attempted to pay vs all other ones, also a good way to tidy up.

Step 2: Make Batch Payments

Selects invoices that need paying and go through the batch payment flow in Xero, this will allow you to export your payment file, or send payments through our direct integration (coming soon).

Step 3: Remove and Redo

After you have exported the payment file you immediately "Remove and Redo" the batch payment you have just created. Admittedly, this sounds counter-intuitive, but solves the problem of reconciliation.

Result: All payments match up with Xero bills

This will move all bills under this batch back to "Awaiting Payment", but the "Planned Date" you set in step 1 persists. Meaning, you can easily tell that these bills have been attempted to pay already. Anyhow, the payment lines now match up automatically with each bill.

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