How to add funds to your account?

Telleroo is like your company bank account. It has a unique account number and sort code. All you need to do is:

Send a bank transfer to your account number and sort code from a bank account in your companies name.

You can find your Telleroo account details in the accounts panel or account tab.


Does the reference matter?

No, you can use any reference.

Can I hold a balance my Telleroo account?


How are my funds protected

Every company gets their own Telleroo account details. Your funds are kept in a ring fenced account in your name. This means if Telleroo were to go insolvent your funds would be protected as they are in your name.

Will the bank block large payments to Telleroo?

Your first large payment to Telleroo, will likely be blocked. Your banks Customer service normally don't know about this until the fraud team have contacted you.

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