Now we just need to create the file containing the bills we want to pay.

  1. Go to  Business > Bills to pay 
  2. On the Bills page select Awaiting Payment
  3. Select the bills you want to pay and click batch payment

4. Select the Telleroo account you're going to be paying from.

5. For payment method select Create a payment file

6. Choose the scheduled date for accounting purposes - upon import into Telleroo you can choose your own scheduled date.

7. Click Create payment, then on the next screen Finish and view batch.

8. Click Export Batch File and download CSV. This file you can now upload into your Telleroo account.

PS. If you open this file and resave before uploading to Telleroo it will remove any leading 0's from the file. For example if you have a sort code 022020 in the file, after you resave it will now be 22020 missing the first 0.

If you have to edit the file, we suggest formatting the columns as text. When you now resave the CSV, it will now keep the leading 0's.

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